Not just a simple WordPress site

A bunch of updates, making young business perform better


We've designed and set up AWS architecture from scratch on a FREE tier level so that one year from the beginning hosting services for Amazon customers costs $0. The brand new, from the scratch, Wordpress theme was coded. Drip services to collect leads and Blue marketing services to send emails were inplemented.

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Laravel logic updates

The ideas for improvements never end


The Estonia startup required some assistance in adjusting and modifying the logic on this Laravel project. Our developers took this as first priority items to ensure all works perfectly and as per the expectations. There were numerous modifications done, so this made on Laravel portal works absolutely fine.

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iNeedTaxRelief landing pages

Marketing stuff can really be nice!


A custom logic Landing page is able to be nice, pleasant, easy-to-navigate, and ye-catchy! Check it out, maybe you are interested in having similar? If so - ping Skynix LLC to get it delivered for you.

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Woocommerce modifications

Categories and product pages layout change


On this beautiful website the categories and product pages layouts were modified a bit to fit the required positioning. As well as some handy functionality was added on top of a Header #14 in Porto Theme.

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Delivery service website

Gravity Forms deep customization


We were asked to link Google autocomplete API with the Gravity Forms. The forms itself were fully customized as well, adding custom selection, and automatic price calculation based on the route and distance calculated on GoogleMaps.
Unfortunately, when Google started thinking that they may now sheer the sheep and made all the services as paid without leaving any free tier option - the client decided to remove the Google API from the site and left just the forms. But the forms are just adorable!

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Multi-language site maintenance

Cosmetics brand website requires attention


Skynix team is taking care of maintaining a sustainable process for deployment and ongoing development for this multi-language website. Adding products, work with images, tweaking things here and there. All have to go unnoticed for a client and his happy clients. That is why establishing a git-flow was a must. The nice look of the website being kept is a proven record of WordPress expertise for our developers.

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Authors portal sample site

How the authors web-portal may look like


We had created some sample Wordpress site with not that many pages for the start. Nevertheless, it already allows the young author, for example, to express the thoughts to the mass. Bear in mind, it is fully responsive and looks equally good on both, mobile and tablet. Check the site itself, navigate through pages. See how simple, thus cozy it looks like.

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SX Gallery plugin

The free of charge Wordpress Gallery plugin


If you need some of your art and/or images to be promoted somewhere nicely, why not in the web? If in the web, why not to use a nice gallery for it? There is one - check it and feel free to ask questions if you are facing any troubles with running it.

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Skynix CRM sample

Keeping all the financial results and work progress reporting in one reliable place


This is a fully custom-built Enterprise Resource Planning solution, it uses Yii2 as a backend framework and EmberJS is being used on a frontend. It is being used by Skynix internally, but can be fully customized for your needs.

You are able to log in using these credentials:
Password: B19E$d4n$yc@Lu6fQIO#1d

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Safe & Easy Loans

Landing page with custom form work


Check out how minimalist, thus cozy the landing page can look. Main functionality gets located on top, with some custom forms work, everything else gets styled as per general layout concept, leaving the most place to valuable information and not overwhelming it with many heavy sections.

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Theme redesign for Magento 1 shop


It was a pleasure to work on a request of creating a new Magento 1 theme from the scratch. Meanwhile performing redesign, several functionality items were reconsidered, as well as Checkout (core e-commerce function) was well modified. Customer considers this project as a high-result one. Tests on Google Page Speed and YellowLab test tool are just proving that.

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FE International

FE International WordPress site development


Sell Your Online Business With a Website Broker You Can Trust. Our market-leading advisory team has completed hundreds of millions in SaaS, e-commerce and content business acquisitions since 2010. Offering direct access to a global network of established pre-qualified investors, FE International is perfectly placed to drive buyer demand and maximize value for your business.

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Find the perfect musician for your event in minutes


We’ve simplified the live music booking process by building an all-in-one website that will make your life easier. Whether you’re planning a one-time event or booking weekly gigs for a restaurant, Major Gig will help you fill your calendar in minutes!

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Popular toys and collectible superhero figurines

DesignE-commerceHTML/CSSMagento 2SEO

A good store of toys and figurines for comic books and cartoons. A large selection of figures for every taste.

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OK Calculators

Find me a solution


At OkCalculator.Com, We Offer 400+ Financial Calculators To Users Absolutely FREE! If You Are A Financial Service Provider, You Can Install Our Calculators On Your Website Empowering Your Web Visitors To Perform Complex Financial Calculations On Their Own In Seconds With Accuracy And Transparency In Just A Few Simple Clicks. We Also Offer Personalized Calculators Too That Sync Smoothly With Your Brand Image. This Is All Free Of Charge! No Catch!

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Santen Presentations

A clear vision for life


Ikervis is indicated for the treatment of severe keratitis in adults with dry eye disease, which has not improved despite treatment with tear substitutes

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Drainage Direct is an Authorized Polylok Distributor

E-commerceMagento 2

Drainage Direct offers many new and innovative drainage products from Polylok at competitive prices. When asked why Drainage Direct exclusively sells Polylok products, the answer is simple… Polylok, Inc. is a leader and international supplier of plastic injection moulded products for the drainage, wastewater, and precast industries. In addition, Polylok holds more than 75 patents and produces more than 200 different products.

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Find the perfect buyer for your home


When it comes to new build property developments we’ll create a bespoke marketing plan that compliments the development perfectly.  Our larger clients instruct us to handle the entire process, but as each development is unique we also offer the option of selecting the aspects of our service that best suit your individual development style. We have a fantastic track record when it comes to marketing and selling new build homes, our past portfolio and tremendous sales record really does back this up and speaks volumes.

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Camden Hoch

Roadmap To Radiance


We are all on a spiritual adventure. This is the story of mine. Read the story that took from me from dark to light; from living in reckless extremes and suicide attempts to a life full of love, purpose, prosperity and service of others. It will take you on a journey of letting go, standing in truth and connect you to your own evolution and metamorphosis.

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HRJ Foreman Laws

Providing positibe legal solutions


HRJ Foreman Laws is a Hertfordshire based firm of solicitors with offices in Hitchin and Welwyn Garden City. Whether you need a solicitor for personal or business matters, our expert team is here to help you. Our lawyers have a depth of experience and specialist knowledge in their chosen areas, so you know you are getting the very best advice. Our proactive, straight-forward approach ensures that you can access expert legal services and advice that’s right for you.

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Get paid for shopping and sharing online


Discover products and deals added by our community from all over the internet. Share your recommendations with our community and people you know. Get a cash reward when others buy your recommendations or cashback on products you buy.

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Introducing in cellular booster technology

E-commerceMagento 2

Enjoy crystal clear phone calls and lightning fast data. Uniden cellular booster kits are the most technologically advanced signal solutions available today! Results are guaranteed and the product value is unbeatable. Make crystal clear phone calls and get lightning fast data speeds with the most powerful boosters on the market. Uniden cellular boosters work with all 3G and 4G networks and cellular service providers!

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Happy Healthy Horses


Abler is a leading equine pharmaceutical company, producing an efficacious range of products for the treatment and prevention of equine health conditions. Abler products have been enhancing the performance, health and well-being of horses in both preventative and treatment regimes since 2008, with their success largely attributed to the inherent affordability of their products and the “word of mouth” referral from thousands of satisfied customers.

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After Eden

Shop of lingerie for women


After Eden is a renowned lingerie brand for the modern woman. She is herself, knows what she wants and is committed to beautiful clothes and lingerie. The After Eden collection consists of a broad line of products. Always a contemporary look and a comfortable fit. Enjoy your femininity, feel sexy and radius like never before! It’s your world, it’s After Eden’s world, be that woman of the world!

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Trade Tested

Trade prices delivered nationwide


Trade Tested is New Zealand’s fastest growing online hardware store. From barbecues to garden sheds, chicken coops to chainsaws we’ve got it all. We’ll even deliver it right to your front door. Make your backyard great today.

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Organic food shop


An online store for a good life – healthy, stable, strong. A good life has many aspects. It starts with you. Because only when you take care of yourself, you can share your energy with others. We offer products to improve your life.

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Build your customers community

GeolocationMobile Apps

Introducing iCafe 5 – a true impressive ordering experience now has arrived. Everyone loves options and making decisions on their own. Your cafe customers are no exception of this. Instead of queuing to order a quick coffee or waiting for an available staff to order a sandwich, why don’t we offer them the freedom.

With iCafe 5, your customers can enjoy the freedom and convenience with 3 simple steps:

1. Place an order
2. Pay by mobile
3. Print out the order

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Business in mobile, full fleet control

GeolocationMobile Apps

Manage and optimize your fleet with ease. This app provides all the fleet management tools you need to optimize your business’s logistics capabilities. Using Geotab’s patented GO device system, this app provides a full, mobile-optimized view of your fleet. Business doesn’t stop when you are away from your desk and this app allows you to access essential information about your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Skynix Ukraine was developing the logic as well as took full responsibility in adding it to AppStore and Google Play.

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ERP system for construction business


An online job management software that lets you take control over business processes in a matter of minutes. If you are using a separate software to issue invoices, are manually  generating timesheets, have a separate spreadsheet for inventories and another one to keep track of jobs’ financials, you are wasting your precious time! EMAC allows cutting that time in half by streamlining these processes and managing data from any device – be it from your office computer or your mobile.

Skynix Ukraine developed it and keeps it working well and being updated with more and more functionality.

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The best bikes here

DesignE-commerceHTML/CSSJSMagento 2SEO

Motorcycles of all brands and all kinds. The best choice. All that is necessary for your motorcycle you can find here. Also you can find here the equipment and spare parts, the best place to pump you and your motorcycle.

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