Stay tuned! Make a safe bet with migrating your old Magento 1 to Magento 2, and gain a benefit initially!

Keep you business growing and mitigate the risk of being overrun by your competitors! Drop us a line if you wonder what the cost efficiency is.


Since November 2015 the world know how Magento 2 looks like. It is grown up enough to say it’s stable, modern, robust and that it lets you keep the pace.

What has been taken into consideration – is the user experience. The user flow is reworked, so it is now even better and easier to shop, it takes fewer clicks to make an order, and it looks better!


Do you know that Magento 1 official support is being stopped soon?


It has already been officially announced that Magento Inc is terminating the official support and so will stop issuing the security patches for Magento 1.x as soon as the November 2018. Do you want to have yourself only facing the risk? Or are you confident enough that from now on your unsupported site will never get hacked?

Moreover, same will happen to plugins and to the custom-built functionality. And now when you have this information – you are armed enough to move on and hit the gas with updating your business and you’ve got the idea how to bring it to the next level.

How do I migrate? From my old Magento 1 to where?

Well, you want to mirgate, right? Would it be a good choice to move from Magento platform you like so much? But there is no need to. Choose Magento 2, and the experienced team will guide you throught this process. Unlike some may say it is a complete rebuild of a website (and technically of course it is), but remaining within Magento community makes it possible to use several developed tools that may really speed the process up.

To bring up some more value in favor of Magento 2 – some nice features that were missing in M1 and were available only as some custom extensions are now right in the out-of-the-box solution.

How do I transfer all the data?

Look! To make the data transfer from 1.9 to 2.0 easier Magento have developed a Data Migration Tool and a Code Migration Toolkit. These help a lot to transfer your extensions and any custom code from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The only thing you have to be aware of is if in your Magento 1 there were some core tables modified, in this case, the process of migrating data becomes more sophisticated.

One more thing to mention is that if you are running Magento 1 older than 1.9 you should upgrade it first to that version at least. This is not that complex, but anyway it’s always better to have a professional doing it quickly and efficiently.


How to Migrate Extensions?


Unfortunately none of the Magento 1 modules will work within Magento 2 environment. But check your vendor’s website they might already have the same extension for Magento 2. If you are not that lucky – consider that this functionality just has to be re-created. Here we can help either, as our experience is very wide in building whatever custom logic. (If you are interested – check this two pages explaining how Skynix team can help you with Creating and Modifying Magento Extension and Developing Whitelabel Magento Extensions)

It also good to mention that with performing this step you generally get rid of some rubbish, that does not really make you that competitive. And here you have some time and ability to rethink what can be adopted additionally.

How do I Migrate my Magento 1 Theme?

Well, there is no way to migrate the theme, as Magento 1 and 2 have got different structures. But you have few designing options here as well. You can choose to use the default theme and to style it up a bit up to corporate branding. This saves time and cost and speeds up the new site launch time. However, some high Google Page Speed results are not achievable in this case. You can choose to rebuild the Theme from the scratch and make it fully customized as per your needs. This is a long process and requires some efforts to be put into.


To sum it up, with performing an upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 you can actually rethink the whole process and make it better based on your and your client’s experience. So this helps to surf the wave and be on the front line and a true leader, like as you see yourself now.

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