What happens next after I leave my email address with you?

  • One of our dedicated project managers (PMs) will contact you over email with a set of questions related to
    your inquiry. They will give you an option to either reply over email or schedule a Skype call. This way we
    will collect your requirements and structure them for an expert project review.
  • Your project manager will put your requirements on a daily review session with the team of specialists in
    your potential technologies. Together, they will compile a set of necessary clarifications and prepare the
    framework for further implementation.
  • Within one business day your project manager will get back to you with your preferred method of
    communication. They’ll either request further clarifications or deliver a preliminary quote and a project
  • You will be provided with the project plan and the profiles of each of your potential team members, as well
    as introduced to them in person over a video call.
  • The contract is prepared. You are added to Skynix CRM and Atlassian project management tools if you decide
    you need maximum control over what’s going on.

Where are you going to work? Do I need to pay for a hosting or a domain for the development stage?

No matter what size or target of a project, we are always setting up a so-called “staging” (in other words –
“development” or “testing”) environment where we work. This means that you get your dedicated server and a domain
that looks like “staging.yoursitename.skynix.co” for free.

What’s the communication like during my project development?

  • You by default get a 24/7 access to all your project progress and documentation in Skynix JIRA and Skynix
  • You can also chat with your PM or any one on your team over our HipChat or email any time of our work day.
  • If you don’t have time for that – no problem: you will have an hour long weekly Skype call with your project
    manager, keeping you up with your progress.
  • We implement a continuous integration system so all our coders can work simultaneously on the different
    pieces of your product. This way, you can review and either approve or decline certain functionalities
    before you’re ready to put them to your production site (in other words, the “live” version of your site).
  • The release is done with one click of a button by your PM. You give us a “go”, and in 20 minutes your live
    site is updated.

What will happen after the implementation is completed and the project is signed off? What if I found some
problems with my product?

We provide a 6-month warranty period for everything we code. If you found a cheeky bug somewhere in your fresh
product – we will fix it for you, free of charge, as long as it’s not caused by any third-party services which we
have no impact over.
We provide a discounted maintenance, security updates and a special pricing plan for our long-term customers, so
each time you come back to us for modifications to your solution – you’ll get an even better deal for our services.

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