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Scalable cloud and web software for small and medium business

Uncommon business operations require tailored software in order to hit their specific targets.
Template solutions are often too restrictive to meet every need of your scaling business.
Skynix has a proven track record of building ultra-scalable architectures and allowing companies expand naturally and cost-effectively.

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Programming world may seem obscure.

Take full control over the process or let Skynix do the magic for you.

What does a software system consist of?

CRM / ERP Design and Development

Get a toolset unique to your business model, with everything you, your clients and your employees need.

No distractions, no binds and uncertainty associated with using third party services.

CRM / ERP Design and Development

Clean and organised code

Full support from A to Z is what you get by default. To maximise the efficiency our custom software solutions are created using minimum third party services to minimise your dependency from things and people outside your control.

Clean and organised code

Platform Integration

Synchronize several systems into one. Monitor or manage them all conveniently from one place.

Payment processors, shipping providers, social networks, CRM systems, productivity tools, analytics and dozens of others.

Understandable and responsive UI

Security, repair and malware removal

The business software development implies the highest level of security. Software solutions you get are always protected. And if you need your own system to be repaired or treated against malware you can always rely on Skynix.

Security, repair and malware removal

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