Skynix LLC moves a building

Oleksii Prozhoha
July, 20

Happy hours! We’ve moved a building recently and are ready to welcome all our current employees, newcomers and visitors with a better organized and much bigger space to feel yourself like home.

The new building looks very good. It’s easy to get to and it offers you simplicity parallelled with a cozy collaboration space. Few places to have a chat, enough space to discuss a bug and (!) find a solution for it, a place to strain yourself after some hours of efforts put in coding – that is not the full list of what there is in there.

People are organized quite smart, so quick communication is available. As well as crowded meetings are placed in a dedicated space.

Just feel free to come and visit us at Hlybotchytska 17D, at business center “Torus” and you will have a nice interview or a friendly chat.


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