Magento 1.9 vs Magento 2.0 in 2018: the time has come to step forward

Oleksii Prozhoha
February, 12
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  • Magento 1.9 vs Magento 2.0 in 2018: the time has come to step forward

Magento 2 was released at the end of 2015. This event was highly anticipated and called a sufficient response. Some people, being in the unshakable belief in progress, started using the new version of the platform without a moment`s hesitation. Others kept using the elder version, preferring not even to start thinking about the inconvenience connected with the restructuring. But most Magento users still plan to move on. The hesitation is caused by not entirely clear understanding of all the advantages the new platform offers.

Ok, why should people give up the familiar and customized version in favor of the product that just came into existence? Let’s try to find out.

Increase of page loading speed in Magento 2

The first and probably the main improvement is the enhancement of caching. It was a total problem in Magento 1. Pages were loading very slow, to solve this problem online store administrators had to use different third-party extensions that made caching better at least somehow. Starting from the second version Magento platform uses internal caching. Furthermore, the Varnish extension for faster page caching is integrated and supported, so the problem of slow pages loading speed can be forgotten.

Significantly improved test framework

Each time a new extension or add-on is applied, you have to run the test to make sure the new application has not created some bugs or collapsed the entire system. Testing process in Magento 1 was very difficult and inconvenient. However, Magento 2 already has an inbuilt framework that allows conducting of automated tests on any website, regardless of its size and structure, and ensures that the newly added extension will not affect the performance of other systems.

Improved and simplified admin panel

Operating with the administrative panel in Magento 1 required a certain level of skills from the manager. An unarranged user encountered a problem even in such a trifle as editing the product page. The interface was really cumbersome and difficult. In the new version, this problem is solved. The interface has been optimized and made more user-friendly and understandable even for inexperienced managers. This simplifies the process of managing the store.

Some more popular payment systems are now supported

In Magento 2 some leading payment systems had been embedded that was missing in the previous version. For example, PayPal, WorldPay, Braintree and some others. It increases the number of payment options for the customers, making the e-store more convenient and attractive. And, of course, this means there is no more need to spend extra efforts to set these payment systems singly.

Several independent databases

In Magento 1 there was a single database, both managers and clients worked with. This created a risk of overloading when many people from both sides worked with the base at the same time. That, in turn, reduced the speed of loading pages. The new version of the platform has three independent bases – Main, Checkout and Orders. Now managers and customers do not interfere with each other.

Also, some other Magento 2 positive features should be mentioned:

  • complete adaptability
  • optimized process of the creation of new products
  • much more convenient data grids
  • default JavaScript library is jQuery
  • multi-level navigation
  • expanded set of tools to work with client accounts
  • possibility to make private sales
  • different currency support
  • multilingualism
  • almost unlimited ability to configure
  • nice modern design

As you can see, the transition to the new version of Magento will be a large step forward. The main advantages are the significant speed increase and the widening of opportunities. Online store will become faster, more powerful and attractive. And this will have a positive effect on the number of visitors, conversion and total income.

When there is no more question whether to move forward or not, the only problem that still remains is the transition to Magento 2. Skynix specialists can help both in setting up Magento 2 and complete installation and tuning. Choose a convenient option and start using the updated version of the best trading platform!


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