Skynix Coding Expert
September, 21, 2018
Why should you hire Ukrainian developers and companies?
This question may arise to someone who hasn’t tried ordering services in IT field from Ukrainians before. Those who have the idea how it works – are definitely in love with the service they are getting. Here is a short interview-like information, where one of the USA digital marketing agency owners is sharing his experience […]
Skynix Coding Expert
May, 17, 2018
Google reduced descriptions length in snippets to the previous values
For the past several days the internet users had noticed that the length of the meta descriptions in SERP snippets significantly reduced and contains something about 160 symbols now. Not that long ago Google had gladdened online marketing specialists, increasing the length of snippets’ descriptions up to 320 symbols. This has opened up opportunities to […]
Skynix Coding Expert
May, 14, 2018
What is meant by SEO and how does it work in 2018
Have you ever wondered what is the most natural and cheap way to get traffic? Did you view at your website in the context of the problems that is solves? Do you know why is it so necessary to protect your content against duplicates? These and lots of other questions lead us to the most important […]
Oleksii Prozhoha
February, 12, 2018
Magento 1.9 vs Magento 2.0 in 2018: the time has come to step forward
Magento 2 was released at the end of 2015. This event was highly anticipated and called a sufficient response. Some people, being in the unshakable belief in progress, started using the new version of the platform without a moment`s hesitation. Others kept using the elder version, preferring not even to start thinking about the inconvenience […]

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