Oleksii Prozhoha
December, 13, 2018
“Clodify” CRM/ERP system – Case Study
What is “Clodify”? The system was born as a simple CRM/ERP web standalone system in 2015. It was engineered to cover the management needs of the newborn IT company – Skynix LLC. Intended purposes There were two main functions first: Reporting – to assemble developer’s reports in one place. Customers were able to see online what the company […]
Oleksii Prozhoha
November, 28, 2018
Big, Ambitious, Sales Forcing e-commerce for Bikebiz Webstore!
Bikebiz project overview Intention: Development of customized Magento-2 e-commerce solution from scratch Technologies used: Magento 2, Ember.js, Bootstrap CSS Framework, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Custom Integrations People Involved: 6 developers Timeframe: 2 years Prehistory of the development The online presence of Bikebiz brand has been long established at the time of their first contact with Skynix. […]
Skynix Coding Expert
July, 02, 2018
Easy-going emailing SMTP plugin for WordPress from Skynix LLC
Since there is about no use in having a website that lacks interactivity – you always want some feedback on your action received. It is considered weird nowadays once you have completed an order in whatever E-commerce store not to receive the Thank you email, for example. But it may not be that easy to […]
Skynix Coding Expert
May, 07, 2018
Photo gallery plugin for WordPress from Skynix LLC
Have you ever wondered how to place all the beautiful images you have on your WordPress website in a logic and distinct order? Did you ever find yourself in endless and continuous search of what fits you best? I think some may have recognized themselves when reading these words. Whether you are an artist and […]
Skynix Coding Expert
March, 03, 2018
Unleashing EMAC potential via the advantages of Yii framework
Project overview: Project: http://www.emac.com.au Technologies Used: Yii framework, jQuery, Select2 People Involved: 3 Timeframe: ongoing support Prehistory: EMAC is a global job management system that is aimed at tracking business processes while gaining productivity. It makes control over business processes faster and easier without adding hassle to your life. Founded in Sydney, Australia, nowadays it has grown […]
Oleksii Prozhoha
January, 22, 2018
Does your dream team lack a key player?
What for do we hire Project Managers? Are they those who you would really rely on? A typical member of IT community would say – “You don’t need them as they don’t really do anything. Just focus on getting a team with a knowledgeable leader and your project will be fine”. Well, of course, if […]

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