Volodymyr Lytvynov
October, 09, 2018
Has Google already enabled mobile first index for my website?
As you know, the algorithm known as “mobile first index” is already being implemented by Google. However, despite the “migration” had been announced in March, almost half a year passed before the actual start of mobile first indexing approach. How can you know that your website is already there? Well, there are several signals. For […]
Bogdan Kushlyk
September, 21, 2018
Why should you hire Ukrainian developers and companies?
This question may arise to someone who hasn’t tried ordering services in IT field from Ukrainians before. Those who have the idea how it works – are definitely in love with the service they are getting. Here is a short interview-like information, where one of the USA digital marketing agency owners is sharing his experience […]
Skynix Coding Expert
July, 06, 2018
How to return 404 in Angular 2+
By default, Angular does not return an error 404 when you surf to a page that doesn’t exist. This is a significant drawback since pages that don’t exist and don’t return an error 404 can be indexed and stored in the cache of the search engine. Although we can not eliminate this problem with the […]
Oleksii Prozhoha
July, 04, 2018
Lost in migration? Find out how to upgrade Magento 1 to 2!
We have prepared for you: – 4 steps that are going to guide you through the process – SSH commands to simplify your Magento migration – code samples – qualified pieces of advice from experienced programmers No hurry-scurry, just 4 simple steps! 2018 is already here! And this means that the support of Magento 1 […]
Skynix Coding Expert
July, 03, 2018
Angular SEO in 2018 — How to implement server-side pre-rendering
Years pass by, but valid indexing of Angular and other single-page applications is a real challenge for search engine robots. Java-script comprehension remains a soft spot even for Google. Dozens of less advanced bots not to mention. However, it is 2018, and this means the time has come to deal with Angular SEO issues. You […]
Bogdan Kushlyk
July, 02, 2018
Easy-going emailing SMTP plugin for WordPress from Skynix LLC
Since there is about no use in having a website that lacks interactivity – you always want some feedback on your action received. It is considered weird nowadays once you have completed an order in whatever E-commerce store not to receive the Thank you email, for example. But it may not be that easy to […]

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