Oleksii Prozhoha
April, 13, 2018
How to speed up your Magento 2 store with a smart crawler caching

Today Magento is one of the most popular and widely used e-commerce solutions. In comparison to most other platforms, Magento is the most flexible, user-friendly and versatile.  That’s the reason why it’s latest version, Magento 2, is rapidly gaining popularity among e-commerce startups and online store owners. Magento is a good choice for those who think […]

Kateryna Prokopova
April, 05, 2018
Closed on Orthodox Easter Sunday!

Dear partners! We inform you that our office will be closed due to Orthodox Easter’s Holidays on April 9th so that staff can spend the day with their families. We will resume our activities on the following working day, April 10th . Thank you for understanding!    

Kateryna Prokopova
March, 03, 2018
Benefits of Yii framework on the example of EMAC project | Skynix LLC

Unleashing EMAC potential via the advantages of Yii framework Project overview: Project: http://www.emac.com.au Technologies Used: Yii framework, jQuery, Select2 People Involved: 3 Timeframe: ongoing support Prehistory: EMAC is a global job management system that is aimed at tracking business processes while gaining productivity. It makes control over business processes faster and easier without adding hassle to your […]

Oleksii Prozhoha
January, 22, 2018
Does your dream team lack a key player?

What for do we hire Project Managers? Are they those who you would really rely on? A typical member of IT community would say – “You don’t need them as they don’t really do anything. Just focus on getting a team with a knowledgeable leader and your project will be fine”. Well, of course, if […]

Oleksii Prozhoha
July, 20, 2017
Skynix LLC moves a building

Happy hours! We’ve moved a building recently and are ready to welcome all our current employees, newcomers and visitors with a better organized and much bigger space to feel yourself like home. The new building looks very good. It’s easy to get to and it offers you simplicity parallelled with a cozy collaboration space. Few […]

Oleksii Prozhoha
June, 25, 2017
Custom e-commerce solution for Bikebiz goes live!

Overview Project: Development of customized Magento-2 e-commerce solution from scratch Technologies Used: Magento 2, Bootstrap CSS Framework People Involved: 6 developers Timeframe: 6 months Prehistory to software development process The online presence of Bikebiz brand has been long established at the time of their first contact with Skynix Ukraine. Starting in 1987 as a small […]

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